Monitor Your Child's School Bus Anytime, Anywhere

hi5 Track is a technology-based solution that allows educational institutions and parents to monitor and track the real-time location and status of school buses.


Safety with Real-Time hi5 Track

Why Parents Prefer hi5 Track?

Parents use Hi5 Track for several reasons, all of which revolve around ensuring the safety, convenience, and peace of mind of their children during their school commute.

Why Schools Choose hi5 Track?

Schools choose hi5 Track for a variety of reasons, all of which contribute to enhancing student safety, improving operational efficiency, and fostering better communication with parents and guardians

Why Drivers Choose hi5 Track?

Bus drivers choose hi5 Track for a range of reasons that contribute to their efficiency, accountability, and ability to ensure the safety of the students they transport.

key Components and Features

hi5 Track Portal

hi5 Track offers a web-based portal that grants authorized personnel, including school staff, the ability to monitor the bus fleet using a computer or tablet. This portal offers a comprehensive overview of all bus locations, improving fleet management capabilities.

Real-Time Location Monitoring

Parents can monitor the school bus's real-time location, enabling them to stay updated on its progress and estimated arrival time, thereby facilitating better schedule planning.


Real-Time Driver Status Updates

When the driver updates their status, parents will receive a notification with the updated status.


Parental Peace of Mind

hi5 Track Provides Parents and Guardians with Reliable, Real-time School Bus Updates, Easing Parental Concerns and Reducing Stress.


Efficient Communication

hi5 Track facilitates efficient communication between parents, schools, and drivers. Parents can easily contact school authorities in case of emergencies and other critical updates, fostering transparency and trust in the process.



Automated Notifications Enhance Parental Awareness of Bus Locations and Safety, Including Unique Situations or Requirements.


Monitor Your Child's School Bus Anytime, Anywhere